The superb 2CV was sold in many iterations from 1948 – 1990 (about 3.8 million were sold). Here is the Speciale / Dolly version which favoured bright colour schemes – this one in red and white. The canvas roof is the quality Matt’s Soft Tops version (UK).
I have fond memories of driving a new 2CV around Europe in 1985 and clearly remember seeing 110 km/h on the speedo one day – and that was downhill with a tail breeze.

The 2CV’s simplicity and lightweight design resulted in a fuel-efficient low-cost car which sold well from the outset. The engine is air-cooled with just 2 cylinders. It has a magnificent ride via long suspension travel – Citroen designers were apparently given the brief that this vehicle should be capable of traversing a ploughed field at speed with a basket full of fresh unbroken eggs – Citroen was tempting farmers away from the horse and cart.

This 2CV is now registered in South Australia having completed the compliance procedure. It is ready to go.

I can see this 2CV Dolly attracting a lot of interest – perhaps as a promotional car for a business. It’s an iconic car which is admired on every trip so be prepared to answer questions and engage in conversation wherever you go.

Now on display in our new showroom.

We can arrange door to door delivery Australia-wide.

Model:2CV Dolly
Engine Size:602cc
Transmission:Manual 4 speed

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