A beautifully restored 87 El Camino SS Ute presenting in Black with Silver Stripes and Red & Black interior trim.

We hold an Australian Import Approval dated the 14th of December 2007.

Powered by a 305ci (5 Litre) V8 engine, it produced when new 112Kw and 325Nm of power and torque, delivered to the rear wheels via a 3 speed Hydro-matic auto transmission. Performance figures suggest a top speed near 230kph.

The current owner’s of the vehicle are the well respected Finch Restorations of Mt. Barker South Australia and their words are most appropriate to describe this vehicle:-

“The vehicle for sale is our own 1987 SS El Camino with Body by Fisher.

We acquired the El Camino in 2016 from a local South Australian owner who had obtained approval for its importation from the Federal Government’s Department of Transport in 2007. The previous owner did not have the vehicle registered and so it was only stored.

From 2016 to 2018, we used the El Camino as a show vehicle which was transported to and from car-shows via a tilt-tray.

In 2019, we had the El Camino engineered for registration. This included the requirement to fabricate and discreetly install anti-intrusion bars in the doors to meet Australian design rules. COVID struck in early-2020 and car shows were in hiatus for the next two-years.

After meeting or exceeding the engineering requirements, we first registered the El Camino in August 2021. We then used the El Camino as a rolling signboard for our Finch Powerhouse operations in Woodside. There the El Camino was given regular small runs to keep it good condition.

We estimate that our El Camino has only clocked between 200 and 800 kilometres between when it was imported in 2007 through to today.

Pre-COVID, the El Camino was last used as a show vehicle and premium duco-demonstration vehicle by our friends at Code Clean at the 2018 Bay to Birdwood alongside the Finch Restorations display.

As we now have other options that we can use as show vehicles and have acquired our own car-transporter truck, we have decided to offer our El Camino for sale.”

Certainly a vehicle that would do well in Classic Car shows and events, but would also prove to be a very successful promotional vehicle for your business or club.

Currently fully registered in South Australia, it would be eligible for Historic or Club registration in other jurisdictions, this equates to minimal on road costs.

Available to admire on our state of the art showroom floor in Adelaide.

We can arrange transport door to door Australia wide.

Finance – our broker offers VERY competitive rates and prompt service.

We welcome the opportunity to consider your trade in.

Model:El Camino SS Ute
KM:40,210 Miles
Engine Size:5000cc

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