Delivered new in NSW in 1984, this car presents in Moss Green Metallic and we are advised by Porsche Car’s Australia of the following when new :-

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) WP0ZZZ91ZES101261

911 Carrera Coupe Order type (911331)

Engine Number 63E02398

Model Year 1984

Transmission 5 speed manual

Exterior colour Moss Green Metallic

Delivered NSW, Australia


261 Exterior mirror

559 Air conditioning

650 Electric sunroof

The owner has provided the following information:-

“This car was transformed from its original stock state of a 1984 Porsche 911 Carrera into a ‘Club Spec Car’ suitable for daily driving and the occasional track day event. The extensive work was carried out by Weltmeister Porsche located in Melbourne. At that time Weltmeister Porsche was owned by Matt Stoupas (now of Porschaden Melbourne) and Ben Faggettor.

Both of these men are Porsche trained from apprenticeships and are very knowledgeable in all things Porsche.

Matt became the sales and business side of Weltmeister and regularly competed in race meetings
as he still does, presently in the KFC Audi R8 car. Ben concentrated on workshop management and engine re-builds which he still does to this day at Weltmeister Porsche.

The ‘Club Spec’ used to build up this car comes from a specification Weltmeister used to build up class winning Porsche 911 cars that successfully competed around 1998 in the Victorian Porsche Club Competition.
The exterior was altered using items sourced from RUF Germany (RUF are famous for building the Yellow Bird variant of a Porsche 930 turbo and are still in business to this day). RUF items were represented by Weltmeister Porsche in Australia around 1998.
Peter Little was the cars owner and financier of the build, Peter was employed as an Ambulance person (his brother, also an Ambulance person, purchased a 911 however a factory Club Sport).

In 2001 Mike Sullivan, a successful business man acquired the car. As evident by the mileage shown on the history page Mike travelled only 7,000klms in 10 years with the car. The car was located near the Great Ocean road at this time.
Unfortunately Mike moved house just prior to selling the car and discovered that he had misplaced the service records and books that belong to the car. This is why the pre 2017 service records are lacking in any quantity, what is there were recovered from Weltmeister Porsche by luck.

In 2017 the present owner purchased the car from Matt Stoupas of Porschaden who was selling the car on a consignment basis for Mike Sullivan. Before the car could be presented for sale several maintenance jobs were completed by Darren Bell at Auto Coupe. More work was required to satisfy a post purchase inspection, the inspection and work was carried out by Stuart at NineAuto.

The present owner has used the car for local hills driving, a few track days and distance travel, once to Tasmania and once to the Albury/Wodonga area. The vehicle has been well maintained using Porsche dedicated workshops for major service, inspections and technically advanced work.
The owner being experienced at vehicle maintenance carried out other work to keep the car in good mechanical condition or to improve the operation/performance of the car.

At the beginning of 2020 and after 12 months of deliberation, the owner who had an appreciation for the style of the early Porsche 911 cars but was keen on the reliability of the more modern 80’s 911’s decided to carry out what is commonly referred to as ‘Back Dating’ the car. Using the skills of a quality spray painter and a retired panel beater and the owners skills the ‘Back Date’ was completed over 3 months with a stunning visual result.

Porsche 911’s are structurally identical over many years i.e.: 1969 to 1992 and give opportunity to simply swap over panels without any structural modifications, Back Dating is primarily a cosmetic change, pretty much bolt off and bolt on situation with a little fettling.
One objective of the work carried out was that if reversal of the procedure after be desired it could be achieved simply with no major technical work required. Retention of the original parts with factory identification in tact are all in storage and belong to the car.

The driving experience. This is a drivers car.
The power of the car is a very healthy 221HP @ 6,200RPM. Low down torque is strong and has linear power through to over 6200RPM.

Due to the stiff suspension set up, the lowered height of the car, the steering rack lowering kit and the turbo tie rod ends the car is very responsive and accurate in cornering. The car also benefits from a half cage inside the rear of the cabin and a strut brace between the front strut towers reducing flex in the body and chassis of the car.
There is no waiting for the car to settle its suspension during direction changes thanks to the improved torsion bar specification and Koni Sport struts and shockers.

Running the Toyo R88R race spec tyres also contributes to sure footed handling.
The car runs standard brakes however with the added accuracy of branded brake lines and a light vehicle weight of 1050kg, great braking feedback and feel is prevalent.”

This stunning “Back dated” 911 is very well presented and will please the next fastidious owner, especially if they are interested the style of the early 70’s 911s, but with added bonus of later technology and performance (Singer Porsches from the US come to mind.)

Available to view on our state of the art showroom floor in Adelaide.

We can arrange transport door to door Australia wide.

Finance – our broker offers VERY competitive rates and impressive service.

We welcome the opportunity to consider your trade in.

Engine Size:3200cc

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