This very cute Leyland Mini Moke has won a lot of hearts and awards and the following words come directly from it’s present owner.

“1978 Californian, matching VIN on radiator shroud and Data Plate. 12H902 indicates the 1275cc engine. The engine was opened up
to 1310cc, during the 2015/2016 rebuild.

I still have the rebuild receipts for close to $40,000 and over 600 photos to prove it was a complete and total rebuild of all

Purchased from a couple in Gawler, in 1986, to which it was originally purchased from an auto shop in Gawler in 1979.

The vehicle was an upgrade to the owner, who was a pilot, and tired or getting wet each morning riding a motor bike to the airport.

The Moke kept him nice and dry (kind of). Before all the security regulations came in, during the late 1980’s, and early 90’s, the pilot
was given a flashing light and clearance, to be able to tow his aircraft around the tarmac at Adelaide International Airport, whilst also
being used as the family’s 2nd daily drive. The family then moved to the country, and owned a hotel / pub, in which the Moke was
used as a promotion vehicle, when coupled up to the companies “Billy Cart”. A small trailer, equipped with mobile bar, ice, gas and 2
kegs, which was basically the maximum that the Moke was certified to tow at a massive 350kg tow rating. The vehicle also made
appearances at local “Pub Golf Days”, where the local Golf Club allowed it to drive around the course selling drinks, from its rear,
which was filled with cans of beer and ice.

The vehicle then taught the family’s 3 kids to drive a Manual, and was moved around the state as the kids progressed. Top local
stories of the vehicle, include when the Police approached the owner, with a report of one of the kids, doing >170km/hr down a back
street, and another of it turning a corner on 2 wheels. Both reports were dropped by the Local Police, after they were given the keys,
and told if they can do 170km/hr, or put it on 2 wheels, the fines would be paid!

When the Youngest son left home, the vehicle was Shedded for around 14 years, before he purchased the vehicle from his father, to
carry out a full rebuild of the Moke. Finishing the rebuild in late 2016, it gained the trophy for “2nd best restore” at the 2016
Shepparton Moke Muster.

The vehicle is in A1 mechanical condition, and the current owner rarely finds time to enjoy the Moke, while also looking to clear space
from the garage for the next project.

Whilst a Moke Californian is normally associated with a soft roof, this example has a very cleverly designed hard top which comes off,
so you have both a convertible and a weather proof hardtop to cope with all weathers. Whilst it does have rear seats, it is registered
as a two seater.

Eligible for Historic registration in most jurisdictions, that means minimal on roads costs.

Do visit our state of the art showroom in Adelaide if you can and witness this cute version of a Mini.

It will put a smile on your face!

We can arrange transport door to door Australia wide.

Finance – our broker offers VERY competitive rates and prompt service.

We welcome the opportunity to consider your trade in.

Model:Moke Californian
Engine Size:1275cc

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