A matching numbers car which also comes with it’s original books.

Released at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1963, the then designated project number 901 was what we now know as the 911. Peugeot had a problem with Porsche having a zero in their project number, so it was reluctantly agreed to change to 911.

Probably one of the greatest sports car stories of all time, the 911 followed on from the 356 series with the first cars having a 2 Litre six cylinder engine. By 1972 this engine had grown to 2.4 Litres and of course if you follow the engine story through to 2021, engines vary from 3 Litres to 4 Litres depending on the 911 variant.

1972 is a particular year of interest in the 911 development, because in that year, Porsche in their wisdom placed the oil filler access to the exterior of the vehicle on the RHS, with the traditional fuel filler on the LHS. Some customers got confused with two and so Porsche reverted to an internal oil filler access thereafter. Because of this one year of external oil filler, the 1972 models are quite rare and desirable.

This example is also desirable as an “S” variant, as in the 70’s, there were 3 engine options, 911T (carburettor), 911E (injection) and 911S (injection) and the most powerful option available.

Sold new in California in 1972, the car had an engine rebuild at approximately 70,000 miles by a Porsche specialist in California. The car was imported to Australia in the early 90’s by one of Adelaide’s leading Porsche specialists who embarked on a conversion to RHD using all genuine Porsche parts and also a bare metal respray from its original “sepia braun” to bright red. This specialist actually travelled to the States to make sure that this car was the best that he could source.

The interior was changed towards the end of the restoration to the current black from the original brown colour.

The car has had recent attention from this same specialist making it as up to date as possible and just a superb Porsche to drive..

Powered by that 2.4 litre boxer 6 cylinder engine, it produced when new 140Kw and 216Nm of power and torque, delivered to the rear wheels via a 5 speed manual gearbox. Performance was very impressive in 1972 at 0-100kph in 6.4 secs and a top speed of 230kph. Those figures are still impressive nearly 60 years later.

The Targa variety gives you a perfect combination of open roof and closed roof driving, depending on the weather. With the most powerful engine option controlled by your right foot and the magnificent sound and look of this classic Porsche, it will be very becoming to it’s next owner.

Naturally eligible for Historic or club registration in most jurisdictions, this equates to minimal on road costs.

Don’t miss this gorgeous example of an early 911 on our state of the art showroom floor in Adelaide.

The current number plate 2911 does not come with the car.

We can arrange transport door to door world wide. If a buyer lives in a LHD market, we can arrange conversion back to the original LHD mode by professional Porsche expertise in Australia.

Finance – our broker offers VERY competitive rates and impressive service.

We welcome the opportunity to consider your trade in.

Model:911S Targa
KM:92,071 Miles
Engine Size:2400cc

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