A superb example presenting in the original colours of Healey Blue over White.

A Heritage Certificate tells us this car was born between the 25th of February and the 4th of March 1966. A matching numbers car that was delivered to the Baltimore USA BMC dealer in March 1966.

We hold a large file of paperwork and photos relating to all the work done on this car and it would appear is was imported to Australia in the 90’s and restoration to it’s present condition started around the year 2000.

Original specs for the engine when new were a 2.9 Litre 6 cylinder engine, producing 112Kw and 234Nm of power and torque, delivered to the rear wheels via 4 speed manual gearbox together with overdrive on 3rd and 4th gears, making it a 6 ratio gearbox. Performance figures suggest 0-100kph in 8.9 secs and a top speed near 195kph.

However, if you read the owner’s words below, some improvement in the performance can now be expected.

The current owner’s words are as follows:-

“Below is an account of some of the work done to, and details of my BJ8.

– Engine rebuilt and Blueprinted, including DMD inlet manifold and extractors.
It still uses twin HD8 SU carbies though with different fuel bowls to suit the horizontal position of the carbies on the DMD manifold. All
engine work was done by Berco race engines in (just out of) Canberra.
– Rear axel overhauled and taller diff fitted (new crown wheel and pinion).
– rear telescopic shock absorber kit fitted.
– Brake servo replaced with an aftermarket unit (that works!).
– cabin completely lined with Dynamat sound/heat insulation.
– carpet panels completely removable as is underlay. (For cleaning or drying should they ever get wet.
– folding hood reshaped slightly to make it fit – they never do normally! And wooden trim section over windows remade to fit – same story
as hood frame.

Rear seats removed and trim panels removed to make space for luggage.
– dash centre bracket removed and auxiliary light switches fitted below dash out of direct sight.
– rear springs replaced and neoprene bushes fitted.
– rear bumper replaced with over rider kit.
– wheels are 5.5” rims – the spare is an original width (to fit in the boot).
– rally style gear knob fitted with overdrive switch relocated to knob (rather than on the dash – which is hard to find in the dark etc).
Motolita steering wheel.
– retractable seatbelts fitted.
– rear wheel drums have been balanced through Healey Factory in Melbourne.

Prior to my ownership the previous owner bare metal prepared the car for paint and completely restored the car around 2000. I was unsatisfied with some aspects and that led to the work above.

Pretty much all of the parts I removed or replaced above are still with me in boxes,
eg original brake servo, rear shocks, seats, battery isolation switch etc.

Car comes with full tonneau cover and fitted car cover. Numbers are matching. Car has a British Motor Museum heritage certificate stating details. The car was originally sold into Baltimore USA. ”

An all time favourite of most classic sports car lovers like me, this superb car would satisfy all the things you love about classic cars, great curvaceous style, great sound, great performance and sex appeal hood up or down.

Currently Historically registered in South Australia, but of course is not transferable.

However, it will be eligible for Historic or Club registration in most jurisdictions for the next owner, this equates to minimal on road costs.

The first big Healey we have had the pleasure to offer for sale, available for you to inspect on our showroom floor in Adelaide.

We can arrange transport door to door Australia wide.

Finance – our broker offers VERY competitive rates and prompt service.

We welcome the opportunity to consider your trade in.

Make:Austin Healey
Model:3000 MkIII BJ8 Convertible
KM:62,770 Miles
Engine Size:2912cc

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