The SS 100 Jaguar is a British 2-seat sports car built between 1936 and 1939 by SS Cars Ltd of Coventry, England.

The manufacturer’s name ‘SS Cars’ used from 1934 maintained a link to the previous owner, Swallow Sidecar, founded in 1922 by Walmsley and Lyons to build motorcycle sidecars. In March 1945 the S. S. Cars shareholders agreed to change the name to Jaguar Cars Limited.

We describe this lovely old example as a recreation, yes it is but it has a lot of original parts in it and a considerable history in Australia and particularly in one South Australian family for many years.

This vehicle is currently road registered in South Australia.

The late owner’s son has given us the back ground to this vehicle and it’s best that we allow him to describe it. His words follow:-

I have my Father’s 2.5 litre SS 100 Jaguar that I am considering selling.

Whilst it is a 1936 model, it is a rebuild of a race car that was wrecked sometime prior to the early 1970’s. That was when Dad collected the motor, gearbox, rear axle and the few other remaining bits of the original car which was reportedly ‘totalled’ in a crash. He collected those parts in New Zealand.

He contacted the Jaguar factory about rebuilding it and was given copies of the factory drawings for the chassis and suspension springs (I still have them).

He had a friend who was rebuilding an original 100 model at the time and it was used as a ‘template’ for much of the rebuild. Dad also travelled to England and Europe a lot during the ’70’s and original SS parts were still available then. I remember consignments arriving at our Sydney home or even coming back in his suitcases.

The car was completed in the late ’70’s or early ’80’s (I’m not exactly sure when) and subsequently came to Adelaide when my parents moved here. It was driven regularly until Dad became ill. It was then unused for 10+ years.

Since he passed away I have been resurrecting it, which has required quite a bit of rebuilding/replacing the ‘fragile’ bits such as carburettors, fuel pumps, electrics, fuel system generally etc. It has just had the carbs overhauled (again) and the steering box rebuilt.

It goes well for such an aged car and there is now nothing else that I know of that requires work on it for it to be driven around. That said, there’s plenty of cosmetic work that could now be done given that the rebuild was completed well over 40 years ago. It has just had a new battery fitted.

I have used the Jaguar factory’s online history facility and established that the motor that was retrieved from NZ was not originally fitted to a 100 model. It came from a saloon. That’s not inconsistent with it being in a crashed 100 model race car as replacing blown up motors was not uncommon in the era when that car would have been raced. But, strictly, it is a replica now as there isn’t a factory chassis number and the motor isn’t an original 100 model (although it does have very old stamping of ‘SS 100’ above the engine number, which is consistent with it being used in a 100 model). It is an SS motor, not a Jaguar unit.”

Together with the car, a workshop manual, original handbook covering 2.5Lt, 3.5Lt and “100” models, magazines covering Jaguars and SS100 models dating from the early 80’s are included in this sale.

A very interesting historic car that will certainly appeal to many vintage car enthusiasts.

Well worthy of your inspection on our state of the art showroom floor in Adelaide.

It should be eligible for Historic registration in most jurisdictions, this would equate to minimal on road costs.

We can arrange transport door to door Australia wide.

Finance – our broker offers VERY competitive rates and prompt service.

We welcome the opportunity to consider your trade in.

Model:100 Jaguar Roadster
KM:8,809 Miles
Engine Size:2500cc

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