David LightDavid Light – Manager

I always loved cars. Dad taught me to drive a ā€˜36 Vauxhall in farmers fields when I was 10. On country roads Iā€™d steer sitting on his knee. I worked school holidays at a Holden dealer from age 15 then left home as soon as I had finished school to work full time in cars. This was for a new BMW / Datsun dealer which stocked a range of used exotics – Porsche, Mercedes, Rover, Jaguar, Mustangs, Camaros – I was in car heaven.

First I cleaned them, then organised reconditioning and then became a cadet salesman. I must have done something right at some stage because the boss put me in a continental orange 1968 Porsche 911T to drive for a week – I remember it vividly – 30,000 miles on the clock and $7990 on the window – I was 18.

Since then I have sold new Ford, Jaguar, Rover, Range Rover, BMW, Mercedes and from 1992 until 2005, new Porsche at Chateau Moteur here in Adelaide. Over time I have been involved in aviation and big boats but I am now running our dream motor car business in our unique new showroom at 265 Richmond Road, Richmond.

Andy MorganAndy Morgan

When Andy retired from twenty eight years with Qantas, he decided his next phase would follow his passion ā€“ cars. After spending some years with Porsche, Mercedes and BMW dealerships, Andy has landed at Richmonds ā€“ and loves it. He is an all rounder and his efforts ensure cars are ready for sale and delivery. An active member of the Sporting Car Club, Andy is an essential member of the team and a welcoming host with excellent manners.








Bruce Field

We are fortunate to have Bruce preparing and repairing the cars we handle. Bruce is a true car enthusiast having grown up in a family where cars were of serious interest. I have been told by more than one person that he is an excellent pedaller (I haven’t mentioned this to him), who has fun in both rallying and tarmac events. We appreciate his mechanical abilities on a wide range of types and models, his self-reliance, self-motivation, his friendly calm and thoughtful manner. To top it off, he only plays classical music in the workshop.